Our Logo

Perimeter School's logo represents the intertwining of the heart, the hands, and the cross.

The Heart is in the center of the logo, symbolizing our core value of creating a culture that facilitates true heart change.  We emphasize probing and shepherding the hearts of our students, and indeed all within our covenant Christian community, and encourage each other to begin or continue a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  The inevitable result of this relationship is an overflowing of love to others.

The Hands symbolize the outreach of this love, whether conveyed in words of affirmation or encouragement, acts of service, a warm hug or a handshake, or quality time spent with another. The hands also extend to the four corners of the earth, emphasizing our desire to reach our community and far beyond as a resource to schools and a blessing to families.

The source of this love is Jesus Christ"We love because he first loved us." (1 John 4:19) - symbolized by, of course, the Cross.