A Warm Welcome to Prospective Families

Welcome home!  An unusual greeting, I admit, to those who are exploring our school for the first time. As you investigate all aspects of our school, its beliefs, its atmosphere, and its people, I believe that if it is right for you, you will feel at home. That’s the best way I can describe it.

Picture of Bobby Scott, Headmaster of Perimeter School Like a home, Perimeter houses a family. And though family life is imperfect and messy at times, there are things that make it feel right and safe and a good fit. Also in the best homes and the most healthy families, everyone has worth, is significant, and contributes to make it better. 

We work to build up each other, and are looking for contributors not consumers. So as a Christian family, please fully explore Our Program. Maybe we are the school home you are looking for.  And if so, we will be a better home because you are here.


Bobby Scott
Robert V. Scott, Headmaster