Athletics at Perimeter School
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May 2017
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
1May 1, 2017
Volleyball Open Gym 3:15-4:30
2May 2, 2017
3May 3, 2017
4May 4, 2017
5May 5, 2017
Elementary Track Meet
6May 6, 2017
7May 7, 2017
8May 8, 2017
Volleyball Open Gym 3:15-4:30
9May 9, 2017
10May 10, 2017
Volleyball Tryouts 3:15-5:00 Rising 6-8th
11May 11, 2017
Volleyball Tryouts 3:15-5:00 Rising 6-8th
12May 12, 2017
13May 13, 2017
14May 14, 2017
15May 15, 2017
16May 16, 2017
17May 17, 2017
18May 18, 2017
19May 19, 2017
20May 20, 2017
21May 21, 2017
22May 22, 2017
23May 23, 2017
24May 24, 2017
25May 25, 2017
26May 26, 2017
27May 27, 2017
28May 28, 2017
29May 29, 2017
30May 30, 2017
31May 31, 2017
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Welcome to the athletics web page for Perimeter School. We desire for this to be an active and useful tool for those who wish to investigate our school as well as for Perimeter School parents to use for up-to-date information on sports team try outs, practice and game schedules and venues.

Our students in 6th-8th grade are given opportunities to participate in a wide range of athletic endeavors. We believe the benefits our students gain from their participation expand their physical, moral and emotional well-being and allow them to grow in their faith as they pursue excellence in their given sport. 

Perimeter students compete with teams from other schools in basketball, baseball, track, cross country, volleyball, tennis, and golf. We compete against local middle schools both public and private. Skill development, teamwork strategies, personal achievement goals, and an attitude of sportsmanship are taught and encouraged in our competitive sports programs.  These pursuits help set a foundation for character development we believe to be useful throughout a lifetime.

Our coaches and instructors strive to be role models in promoting a healthy lifestyle, exercising discipline, and acknowledging our Savior, Jesus Christ, for the gifts and opportunities he has bestowed on us. We look forward to a year of academic, spiritual, & athletic development and achievement.
Because our students' safety is a high priority at PCS, every student participating in school athletics must have an updated physical signed by his/her physician. Also, we strongly urge parents to speak with their family physician about conducting a baseline concussion test for their child if they play a team sport. In the event of an unfortunate head injury, a baseline test can be essential in determining the extent and treatment of such an injury.

To find out more about our athletics program, please look at the pages of the Athletics section of the website. Check out our schedules for each season and we invite you to come see us in action!

Go Eagles! 

Shelley Knudsen

Athletic Director