Georgia Goal Scholarship Fund

Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program

You can redirect a portion of your Georgia income tax payments to provide scholarship assistance to incoming Perimeter School students. To enable our supporters to take advantage of this program, we are working with the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program, a state-approved student scholarship organization.

If you pay Georgia taxes, you can receive a tax credit (more than a mere income tax deduction!) against your Georgia income tax liability for amounts donated to GOAL. TELL THE STATE OF GEORGIA WHERE YOU WOULD LIKE TO SPEND YOUR TAX DOLLARS - TO PERIMETER SCHOOL!  For married couples filing a joint return, the maximum tax credit-eligible contribution is $2,500 ($1,000 as an individual). The best part is that you are not affecting your budget in any way; you are donating money to GOAL (designated for use at Perimeter School) that you were going to give to the state government in taxes anyway!

GOAL Offers New Streamlined Contribution Process

Submitting your application for a tax credit has never been easier! GOAL has established a new online paperless process that takes just 20 seconds to complete (even faster for prior GOAL donors!). 

Deadline to submit your form is December 31, 2016 for your 2016 State Tax Credit and Federal Charitable Deduction.


Those who sign up will be contacted once their contribution has been approved by the Georgia Department of Revenue. Payments will be due and may be sent to GOAL within 60 days after DOR approval.  DOR approval will be after January 1, 2017 so payments will not be due until mid-March 2017 

Thank you to those who have already reserved their spot for a 2017 donation! 

Do you run or own a business?

Corporations can receive a tax credit for amounts contributed to the GOAL Scholarship Program up to 75 percent of their Georgia income tax liability. Owners of S-corporations, LLCs and Partnerships can receive a tax credit up to $10,000. Click Here to learn more about this. 


How are the funds used?

The GOAL Scholarship Program uses the Perimeter School-designated contributions to fund K-8 scholarships for public school children who desire to attend Perimeter School. The scholarships are also available for qualified students who are eligible to enter kindergarten. Each year, Perimeter School uses its regular admission and financial aid processes to determine those students who are eligible to receive GOAL scholarships and submits the scholarship candidates and amounts to GOAL for final approval. We currently have 95 students who benefit from this important schloarship program for the 2016-2017 school year. 

To learn more...

For more details about the GOAL Scholarship Program or the process for making your contributions, we invite you to visit the GOAL website at, or contact Laura Powers at

We are here to help you with this simple process and to make it as easy as possible for you to use this program to redirect your tax dollars to help our students who need these scholarship funds!

Georgia GOAL advocacy needed: 

Govenor Deal’s Education Reform Commission has recommended not to increase the state-wide cap on Education Expense Credit Program, but instead to add a New Corporate Scholarship Program. To read more about these recommendations: Please contact your legislators, expressing concern about the lack of a cap increase on the existing tax credit scholarship program, and the unnecessary creation of a separate corporate-only scholarship program that favors big businesses, hurts the middle class, and mandates standardized testing and state reporting. Instead the legislators should preserve, protect and expand the current program to provide thousands of deserving Georgia students with education options through which both individual and corporate Georgia taxpayers can receive tax credits.  If you do not know who your legislators are, please type in your address at the following link to find out:  Please also copy the Commission on your email at: