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The program at Perimeter School is dynamically designed, created by brilliant minds who rightly understand children. Yet purposely, it is not always predictable. Though our emphasis is to supply a full menu of nourishing ideas, the method in which we do so allows for responses, feedback, and original thought from our students that are often unpredictable, fresh, and unique. These insights and illumined thoughts are as much a part of our curriculum as any living book.

Because we believe that God created children with a love of learning, our classes are not designed to appeal to base instincts with the "twaddle" of the age in order to entertain dull minds, but rather to reach aloft to the good, the pure, and the challenging aspects of knowing and learning. We are not afraid of engaging with the new technologies of the culture, yet do so with a sense of stewardship and proper precaution. As much as possible, our children are “acting on” their subjects, and not just applying principles. This method of true knowledge helps them build a relationship with many things, and as a result, they discover those areas of giftedness in which they may be called to serve God’s kingdom.

Our program hinges upon two critical ingredients: exceptional teachers who love their students and love what they teach, and an atmosphere of small class size and proper motivation to learn. Our faculty are not only quality teachers, they are quality people, able to model the love, compassion and creative instruction of the Master Teacher. From the beginning of our school in 1983, our commitment to small class size has been driven by the mandate of quality education modeling discipleship. Students are not specimens to be bribed, extrinsically rewarded and improperly manipulated to learn. They are persons to be properly revered as the children of God.

Finally, our love and high expectations for our students are not to be confused with the idea that the success of pupils is contingent on how quickly they grow up and imitate adults. When the Master embraced children, He commended their qualities for what they were, not what they would one day become. As such, we try to preserve, celebrate, and enjoy childhood, emphasizing that the challenges of schooling should be fun, exciting, and developmentally appropriate to the students’ age. As a result, there is a lot of laughter, plenty of praise, and respectful behavior among our school family. Our prayer is that this comes from the overflow of a heart that is captured by the love of Christ, and where it is not, that by the end of a student’s days at Perimeter School, it will be.

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Key Terms

A  living book  contains literary language that appeals to the mind, stirs the imagination, and holds the child’s interest. Ideas in a living book must resonate with the reader to stir intellectual curiosity. A living book must not be prescriptive, in the sense of giving explicit direction, but leave room for the reader to figure things out.


twaddle  This is a term used frequently in Charlotte Mason circles.  We encourage you to begin your search for an understanding of what IS twaddle and what IS NOT here.

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