What is a 'Covenant Christian Community'?

In Psalm 78:7, God commands His people to make His deeds known to all their descendants so that “they will place their confidence in God.” At Perimeter School, we believe a strong community of believers is an effective and necessary assistance to parents in their training of the next generation. This covenant agreement between our Perimeter School parents to assist one another is biblical, rewarding, sometimes life-changing, and at times even difficult.

Concern for each other's children...

The idea that parents are concerned about each other’s children, including the responsibility to pray for, teach and love unconditionally is often lost in today’s culture. This mutual agreement between our parents strengthens our school community and families in particular as, together, we seek and share God’s wisdom for our lives. Receiving counsel and support from another parent’s experience, often gained through trial and error with their children, is extremely beneficial.

It takes a community...

Parenting can be challenging and we need each other. The privilege of the covenant family is found in other parents genuinely caring about your child and sharing the same expectations for “growing in wisdom and stature and favor with God and man.”

Sharing hard times   A practical example of this would be making, with humility, a phone call to another parent regarding concerns about their child’s behavior. Receiving a similar call about your own child, without defensiveness, is the grace of our covenant family at work.

Sharing good times   Much more delightful are the countless “good reports” shared between parents in class meetings or informally at carpool times about encouraging encounters observed between our students while on field trips, enrichment days, and playtime. The richness of this community is a result of intentional parental investment in the school and a mutual commitment to share life together.