Enrichment Days

Enrichment Days are special school days eagerly anticipated by all our students.  The experience of each Enrichment Day is designed to augment the current classroom curriculum.  For example, students enjoy at least one History Enrichment Day per year which literally "brings to life" the time period the children are studying in class.  Another Enrichment Day might be an "insect party" or a trip to the Atlanta Botanical Garden to learn more about the insects and plants the children are studying.  Overnight trips are enjoyed by our fifth through eighth graders at the end of each school year. 

Our school parents are a vital part of Enrichment Days, whether chaperoning students for an off-campus visit to the Atlanta Symphony , or playing key acting roles in making History Days come alive for our students.  If you come to visit, don't be surprised if you see "George Washington" walking the halls or our headmaster dressed as Pharaoh chasing the "Hebrews" across the "Red Sea".  Many of our alumni include these History Enrichment Days in their list of favorite Perimeter School memories.


Typical Enrichment Days**


Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Please visit the Lower Elementary/E-days page for a discussion on enrichment days at this grade level.

3rd Grade

Off-Campus Enrichment Days:  Pickneyville Park Nature Center, Caroling, Benjamin West Art Exhibit at Bob Jones University, Atlanta Botanical Garden

History Days:  Explorers, Colonial Day

4th Grade

Off-Campus Enrichment Days:  Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta Symphony, High Museum, Cobb County Youth History Museum, Mozart’s Magic Flute Opera, New Echota Cherokee Site

History Days:  Revolutionary War Day

Others:  Science Day, Insect Party

5th Grade

Off-Campus Enrichment Days:  Stone Mountain Plantation, Atlanta History Center

History Enrichment Days:  Harriet Tubman Day

Others:  Star Night, Money Day, Cave Trip (overnight)

6th Grade

Off-Campus Enrichment Days:  Georgia Aquarium, Right-to-Life March, Warm Springs - FDR's Little White House, Jimmy Carter Library, Martin Luther King Center Memorial and Church

Others:  Camp Highland (overnight)

7th Grade

Off-Campus Enrichment Days:  Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory, a play at the Balzaar Theatre, High Museum, Right-to-Life March, Biblical Antiquities Center,

Others:  Fortson 4H Center (overnight)

8th Grade

Off-Campus Enrichment Days:  High Museum, Right-to-Life March, State Capitol Tour

Others:  Washington, DC (overnight)


**Please note, this is intended to give visitors a flavor of Enrichment Days at Perimeter School and may change year-to-year, or even within the same year, as other circumstances and opportunities arise.