Horizons Program for Exceptional Learners

Perimeter School is pleased to offer the Horizons Program to our covenant children with learning differences. Our desire is to come alongside students and guide them in reaching their highest potential in their academic and life skills while at PCS.

 The Horizons Program includes:

  • ** 1:17 Class
  • Coaching
  • Double Dose
  • Orton Gillingham
  • ** NILD
  • Tutoring

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** Enrollment in these programs requires an Educational-Psychological report, provided by an outside licensed psychologist.

Parent Testimonials

We couldn't be more grateful...

Our son was a sinking ship when we came to PCS in 3rd grade. We knew he was having some learning issues that were beyond our capacity to address. He was pretty insecure and felt like he wasn't smart and just couldn't keep up with the other kids. He had a lot of "tummy trouble" that we now know was related to stress and anxiety.

Through his past 3 1/2 years in the Horizons program, he has made tremendous strides academically because of the support, exercises and tutoring he has received. More importantly, he has learned about the amazing and unique way God has made his brain to work and that it is NOT a mistake. His therapists, as well as the rest of the Horizons team, have been such great advocates and a bridge to the teachers. He has learned techniques and exercises to help him practically navigate academics; his academic growth has been outstanding.

Struggles are a part of life for all of us. It is through our struggles that we learn that “Hard” is not the enemy but a tool God uses to draw us closer to Him, thus increasing our dependence on Him.

Our son is now not only surviving school, he is thriving in who he is, a unique child of God and learning to advocate for himself; we couldn't be more grateful!

Horizons has been a huge benefit to my child...

"Horizons has been a huge benefit to my child. When my son began the NILD program a year ago, he was not reading well and was not able to keep up in the regular classroom environment. His confidence was low, and he was frustrated with school. His reading and executive function struggles impacted every aspect of his learning. A year later, he is now reading and, according to his teacher, does not stand out from any of the other students in his learning capabilities. His Horizons therapist is experienced, knowledgeable and continues to add more and more training to her resume. Most importantly, she instructs my child with love and is able to see him and encourage him right where he is. I am very thankful for this program and the communication facilitated between therapist, teacher, parent, and child."


Hot Topics

The hot topic in education lately has been executive function. In a brief article this fall, John Rosemond gave a few nuggets for parents and educators to consider. 

Rosemond suggests reading  "Failure to Connect" by Professor Jan Healy.

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