Lower Elementary: Grades K-2

The Lower Elementary School at Perimeter comprises kindergarten through second grades, including pre-first grade.  Kindergarten and Pre-First grades are held half days, Monday through Thursdays, with Fridays off.  First and Second grades are held half days, Monday through Friday. 

We are happy to have you Meet the Lower Elementary School Principal, Rebecca Little.  On this page you will find out more about the philosophy and vision for kindergarten through second grade at Perimeter School.




Examining Pre-First

  • "The Gift of Time" by Pre-First teacher Lisa Edmondson

    God has created each child to grow in wisdom and stature at his or her own pace and timeline. School years come in tidy, one year increments, but children‘s development doesn‘t!

    Lisa Edmondson, Pre-First teacher at Perimeter School, shares about the blessings of giving some students "the gift of time."


Video:  Lower Elementary at Perimeter School - Come Experience the Wonder With Us

Watch the new "Childhood at Perimeter: Experience the Wonder With Us" video.