Meet the Lower Elementary School Principal

Rebecca Little

Thank you for your interest in Perimeter School!  It is my privilege and honor to be the principal for the lower elementary grades.  

What a blessing and joy our students are to all of us!  Our students are valued image bearers that have big ideas, inquisitive minds, and are excited to learn.

Our curriculum is developmentally appropriate for each grade with added emphasis on living books and the arts. All of our subjects are taught with the truth of scripture as our guide.  In these formative years of education, Perimeter teachers introduce new ideas and concepts that expand students’ minds, give them an appetite for learning and build a solid foundation for their academic and spiritual growth. 

Helping our children realize their call to become students who glorify God in all that they do is an essential foundation that we begin to establish in these early years.  The atmosphere created in the classroom is one of love and grace.  It is a safe environment where students feel free to ask questions and know they will be understood.  Perimeter children are taught the love of Christ and know they are fearfully and wonderfully made.  We acknowledge that teaching to the heart of the child and helping children establish lifelong habits are both vital to developing strong character. These values and a commitment to excellence guide what we do in the classroom each day.

We believe parents are the primary educators of their children and it is our privilege to co-labor with parents as they seek to educate the whole child. The Perimeter School covenant community is a special place where families build strong relationships with each other as they navigate the journey of parenting and education.  If you would like to see our covenant community in action, please come to visit us!

May God bless you as you seek His will for your child!

“Cherish the journey”

Rebecca Little

Principal, Lower Elementary School

Academic Credentials

B.S. Business Administration, Auburn University

M.A. Elementary Education, University of Alabama, Birmingham