Meet our Headmaster, Bobby Scott

Dear Visitor:

I am delighted to introduce you to one of the most unique, Christ-centered schools in the country with roots and extensions worldwide.  Perimeter School is unashamedly Christian in its foundations and committed to Picture of Bobby Scott, Headmaster of Perimeter Schoolbiblical truth.  Truth that is absolute and not relative.  We base our beliefs and our practices on these foundational principles that dictate the best way to educate children.

One primary principle is that parents were intended from the creation of man to be the primary educators and nurturers of their children.  We, therefore, believe that students learn and develop the best in schools employing a close partnership between their parents and their teachers.  Parents are not detached observers at Perimeter but rather thrive in a covenant relationship with the teachers, staff, other students, and their parents.  Please view "What is a Covenant Christian Community?" for a full discussion on our thriving covenant community.

Another key principle is that each child is a gift, a unique person created in the image of God.  As such, these students receive a very different education at Perimeter.  They are expected to share their thoughts effectively, communicate honestly, work at significant tasks, behave respectfully, and enjoy learning, all without constant assessment or dehumanizing rewards as primary motivators.  They are immersed in a time-tested philosophy of education and process of learning that provides high quality curricula from the best sources of literature, the arts and sciences, and math as well as physical activities that provide an atmosphere for growth.

Sounds too good to be true?  Is it just an ideal?  Only if we slip into thinking that perfection is greater than authenticity or that we are defined by our performance rather than our spirit.  Our students do well to glorify God, not earn his favor.  This allows them freedom to take risks, learn from mistakes, and to be encouragers rather than competitors.

Thank you for exploring Perimeter School! 


Bobby Scott