Search & Teach

SEARCH & TEACH is an early Intervention program developed to meet the educational needs of young learners before they experience the frustration of learning failure. This differs from NILD Educational Therapy, which was designed to help students who have documented learning differences and in many cases, have already experienced frustration and failure in the classroom.

SEARCH is a 20 minute individual test designed to identify five and six-year-olds who may be vulnerable to learning difficulty, and to provide profiles of individual strengths and weaknesses in the readiness skills necessary for reading success. All kindergarten and pre-first students at PCS participate in SEARCH.

TEACH is the instructional component of the program, provided during a minimum of three 30 minute sessions per week. TEACH is an organized program of learning according to an individual child’s SEARCH profile. As such, TEACH considers a child’s strong and weak academic areas and prescribes appropriate instructional tasks basic to reading and the language arts.

The Teach program prioritizes pre-reading tasks from simple to complex and organizes them into a practical plan of five clusters as ascertained by the results of the SEARCH tests. These clusters include:

  • Visual
  • Visual-motor
  • Auditory
  • Body-image
  • Intermodal skill clusters

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