Procedures and Restrictions

We thank you in advance for observing the following procedures and restrictions to make carpool as safe and efficient as possible.

♦ Georgia's Seat Belt Law

In order to comply with the new booster seat law in the state of Georgia( O.C.G.A. § 40-8-76.1), PCS parents will be required to follow the state guidelines while transporting students for any school related function such as enrichment days and field trips.  The driver who is transporting students will be responsible for ensuring that all students traveling in their vehicle are in compliance with the law.  Students who are not sent to school by their parent with appropriate car seat or booster seat will not be permitted to participate in school-sponsored field trips, and their parent will need to pick them up from the school office if necessary. For a brief Summary of the new law, click here.

♦ Route / Schedule / Instructions

Schedule, drop off and pick up locations, route map and route description can all be found in Carpool Resource documents in the right side bar.

♦ Cell Phone Usage

Cell phone use during carpool is expressly FORBIDDEN. If you must use your phone during carpool please pull out of the carpool line into a parking spot or away from the carpool area. Once you are finished using your cell phone return to the carpool line,

♦ Label Your Windshield

Make a sign with the LAST names of everyone in your carpool and have it in your windshield at pick-up time. Regarding these signs: THE BIGGER, THE BRIGHTER, THE BETTER is our motto.

♦ Pay Attention to the non-moveable barriers

Don't forget about the non-moveable barriers that will prevent any cars from cutting completely through the Perimeter Church property. This means if you enter from Old Alabama Road, you must depart the same way. This is true when entering from Ventanna Way as well.

♦ Communicating carpool changes to the office  

If there is an unforeseen circumstance that requires a last minute change to carpool arrangements, please call the change in to the office.  Any carpool change called into the office receptionist within 40 minutes of dismissal IS NOT GUARANTEED to reach the intended student. Our receptionists will do their best to pass on the message, but be aware, that in some cases, it may not be delivered before students are going to carpool.  The time before dismissal is very hectic, classes may not be in their classrooms (outside for PE, end of the day recess, nature study), many classes do not return to their homerooms before leaving for the day, teachers do not always check their e-mails in the end of the day rush, etc.

**Note:  This should be the exception and not the rule.  Please make your plans regarding who your child is riding with before the school day and be sure to TELL YOUR CHILD who he/she will be riding with and on which side of the barricade (Old Alabama or Vantana Way) to go to for pick-up at 3:10PM. Dismissal at noon for K-3 will be at the Day Entrance.