Clinic Policies, Procedures, and Forms

Please familiarize yourself with the dispensing policies and the required School Clinic forms and procedures for the upcoming school year. Contact Mary Katherine Blain, the Clinic Supervisor, at or 678/405-2303 with any questions.

Dispensing Policy & Procedure

No medications (including over-the-counter medicines, other than Tums or cough drops) will be given at school without proper written authorization (see below).
No verbal phone permission will be requested or taken due to possible miscommunication.

Medications (clearly labeled) are provided by the parent and distributed by the School Clinic staff in the School Clinic as per written instructions on the form.

Nut Policy

Perimeter Church and Perimeter School communicate to our families in the downstairs rooms (Downtown) that we desire these rooms to be no-nut areas, but it is not a guarantee. The church offers nut free snacks, however, there is no formal inspection for items that are brought in from the outside to this area. The no-peanut or no-nut designation is for products known to the general public to be nut products, such as nuts, peanut butter and items with actual nuts in or on them. The designation does not include the many products that enter this area that are not in the original packaging, nor does it include products with ingredients or manufacturing techniques that are not known to the general public to contain nut products.

In other areas of the building, it is the parents' responsibility to communicate and formulate allergies and commensurate appropriate food restriction plans as warranted.

For additional information please review our Allergy Procedures PDF.

Mandatory Immunization Compliance

Every student at Perimeter School must have a Georgia Immunization Form 3231 on file with the school.  This form is a record of the child's immunization history and will be completed by the child's pediatrician or a health clinic.

A student may not begin school until this form is submitted and verified by the School Clinic staff.

Permission to Dispense Forms

Please review the list of forms below and determine which, if any, apply to your child's individual needs.  Download, complete carefully, and submit each of these forms.

A Prescription Drug Form must be submitted if your child needs to take medications as prescribed by a physician during school hours.

An Over-the-Counter Medication Form must be submitted if you would like your child to take any non-prescription medications during school hours.

An Allergic Reaction Emergency Healthcare Plan must be submitted for a child who may experience an allergic reaction (bee sting and peanut allergy, to name two common allergic reactions).  The Clinic staff want to know exactly what symptoms to be aware of and how to proceed for your individual child's medical situation.  This form is required in order to administer oral medications and injections (such as an epi-pen).

An Asthma Self Administration Plan must be submitted if your child requires asthma medication and he/she is permitted to carry and provide self-administration of this medication.

Lice Treatment Protocol

In the event your child contracts lice, please print off The Lice Treatment Check-off for proper treatment and to ensure it doesn't spread to others.