Perimeter Childcare
Perimeter Childcare

This service is provided through the Perimeter Church Special Events Childcare Program (SECP).


Perimeter School Student: $7 per child, per class meeting; $10 per child, per campus meeting

Non-Perimeter School Student: $10 per child, per class meeting; $10 per child, per campus meeting

A $40 max per family will apply for Perimeter School students only. A family maximum will not apply to non-Perimeter School children due to the costs associated with adding this service. If the $40 maximum applies to your family, you must notify Lorie Behret in order to receive this discount.

Here’s how it works:
  • Parents will check in school-age children (Kindergarten and up) at the Bricks.
  • Parents will check in pre-school-age children at the middle kiosk in DownTown KidsTown (pre-first hallway).
  • A supervisor will be present.
  • Check-in will begin 15 minutes prior to the meeting. All children must be picked up no later than 15 minutes after the meeting.
  • Any swaps made with another parent must be emailed to Lorie Behret (lorieb@perimeter.orgby noon on the day of the event.  She needs the ages of the children to ensure the caretaker/child ratios are able to accommodate the swap. (Payment exchange is the responsibility of the parents and will not be handled through SECP.)
Registration is now open for the January 30th meetings.
Click here to register a Perimeter student.
Click here to register a non-Perimeter student.
Deadline to register is Friday, January 26, 2018.


Apply to be a part of the team

Contact Melanie Loperano at or click here to learn more about applying to become a part of SECP. Please take note of application deadlines and training dates, which will be in late July or early August.


Contact Lorie Behret with SECP ( or Stacey Earnest with PCS (

**Please note that, as with any job application process, employment is conditional.  Click on the link above for details