What is ParentsWeb?

"ParentsWeb" is our school parents’ portal into Perimeter School’s information management system. You might have seen the name "RenWeb" around. RenWeb is the name of our school information management system, and ParentsWeb is a portal into this information management system.

What can I find on ParentsWeb?

Lots of things. In general, this is information that is of a more private nature to our students and their families and is therefore in a password-protected, secure environment.  On ParentsWeb you will find our school calendar & announcements, your child's schedule, classroom lesson plans, attendance reports, daily grades and report cards/progress reports.  You can also access our school directory, complete with photos of the students .  Your family's e-mail addresses, demographic and emergency contact information can be updated in ParentsWeb at your convenience.

Logging On to ParentsWeb

Go to the ParentsWeb log in screen.  There are a few ways to do this.  You can click Login in the top right of this display, or click the RenWeb/ParentsWeb button on the right.

How can I get a user id and password to access ParentsWeb?
  • Make sure the Parents tab is selected
  • Click the Create New ParentsWeb Account link
  • You will be prompted to enter the primary e-mail address that the school has on file for you
  • Click Create Account. If your e-mail address matches the e-mail address that the school has on record for you, a random password will be e-mailed to you at that address. You can change this password to something more user friendly by expanding the Family Information menu and clicking Username / Password.
  • You can download our ParentsWeb Setup Guide here.
How can I access ParentsWeb once I have my log in information?

Go to the ParentsWeb log in screen (see Logging on to ParentsWeb above). 

  • Click the Parents tab
  • Enter the user name that you established or, if you've never changed it, the  primary e-mail address that the school has on file for you
  • Enter the password that RenWeb sent you or whatever you changed it to





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