Visual Arts at Perimeter School

At Perimeter School we value the study of great art. We see it as an important vehicle to increase the student’s awareness of not only the arts themselves, but the details and art in everyday life. We agree with studies which have shown students who have a working knowledge of the arts to be better attuned to the details of their other classes and of their environment.

Nature Studies

Through their years at Perimeter School, our students are given many opportunities to do nature studies as they study and appreciate the beauty of God’s natural world around them. They examine a specimen (a flower, a leaf, an insect, etc.) and learn to reproduce it carefully, recreating the shape, color and shading of the specimen using watercolors and a nature study journal. Their study of God’s creation increases their admiration of the Creator and inspires them to marvel at what He has done. Upon graduation they leave Perimeter School with a beautiful record of these studies. We are sure you will enjoy several examples of our students' nature studies that were used to build the background on this web page!  Download a pdf containing these images

Picture Studies

At Perimeter School, we enjoy bringing the child into direct contact with the best of the visual arts. Choosing one artist at a time, we study several of his or her paintings, we allow the child to look at the work of art intently for a period of time (five minutes), taking in every detail. There are many options for demonstrating their observation skills. One is narration where each student tells a part of what they remember from their 5-minute study. Another student will add what he or she remembers and so on. When all the remembered information has been shared, the students take another look at the print to validate their accuracy. Sometimes the child journals what he or she has seen in the picture. At other times the students might create a reproduction of the master’s work. This attention to detail, style, and history in the arts improves the student's appreciation of masterpieces and gives them a mental reference library to access when those paintings show up in everything from literature to advertisements. When our current students and graduates visit museums they often surprise their parents with their knowledge and recognition of the artists they have studied while at Perimeter.

{Please take a moment to enjoy the original artwork on this web page.  These plant and insect drawings are taken from our own students' nature study portfolios. }

sketch of Charlotte Mason"We are all meant to be naturalists, each to his own degree, and it is inexcusable to live in a world so full of marvels of plant and animal life and to care for none of these things."  Charlotte Mason,  Volume 1: Home Education, Page 61