Orton Gillingham and Double Dose

The development of reading skills and enjoyment of reading are central to our curriculum at Perimeter School. We present to each of our students a selection of engaging books that will appeal to his mind, stir imagination, and develop intellectual curiosity.

In order to enjoy fully the gift of these wonderful books, as well as enable sufficient reading skills necessary to become successful learners in all areas of life, we take seriously our role in helping our students reach their fullest potential. Sometimes, that means that extra instruction may be indicated.

Our students’ teachers will take a close look at each child’s reading skill level to determine if the child would benefit from systematic, multi-sensory Orton-Gillingham Approach to reading development. If the teacher discerns that a student might benefit from augmented instruction, the teacher will refer him or her to our Reading Specialist who will do further evaluations, including classroom observation and discussions with parents. Individual tutoring may be recommended.

Alternatively, a child’s teacher may determine that a student will greatly benefit from a “Double Dose” of the skills taught in the classroom. “Double Dose” is a group of 2 or more students formed by grade level who work with our Reading Specialist in order to further develop their decoding skills using Wilson Reading strategies.

To find out more about our Wilson Reading program, please visit http://www.fundations.comTo find out more about Orton-Gillingham, please visit www.orton-gillihgham.com