Elizabeth Faust Living Books Honors Reading Program

What are Living Books

The "Living Books" project was begun by our former teacher, Elizabeth Faust, who now resides with Jesus after battling brain cancer. In her honor, Perimeter School began the Living Books Honors Reading Program to encourage both students and their families to enjoy reading "Living Books."  Living Books are books we should not miss because they enrich our lives. The Honors Reading program requires students to read a certain number of books in addition to the reading already required in the regular classroom curriculum. Therefore, students who complete these books have truly gone above and beyond what the school requires. Those who aspire to and complete these books will be recognized each year at our closing Honors Day Program.

Distinctives and Guidelines

  • Lists will be broken down by the normal grade levels (see links on the right side bar for the lists).
  • Students may read books at or above their grade level but not below.
  • Confirmation of a student reading an entire book will be supplied by a signed parental verification form.
  • There will be two honors levels: a gold level and a silver level.
  • In order to qualify for a gold level award in third through eighth grade, one of the books must be read aloud as a family. In first and second grades, a family read aloud is encouraged; however, parent to child is acceptable. Criteria for each grade level is posted at the top of the list.
  • The book lists for each level will be revised annually. Parents may submit book titles to be considered as additions by filling out a form and submitting it to the librarian.
  • The program will run from June 1st until May 1st of each year. All verification forms must be submitted to the school librarian by May 1st to be considered for Honors Day recognition.
  • Reading lists can be found on the right side bar of this page.
  • Though recognition will be given to students who reach the mark, we encourage the reading effort to be made for enjoyment and inspiration, not solely for the prize.

Directions for Downloading

We now have the full Microsoft Excel spreadsheet available for parents to download and use.

  1. Download the Living Books Spreadsheet
  2. Click the button for "Enable Editing" at the top of the worksheet
  3. Read the "Instructions" worksheet (First Tab at the bottom)
  4. Select the grade specific tab at the bottom of the worksheet
  5. Use the excel spreadsheet to track books that your students have read by adding the date (mm/dd) the book is finished and the codes below without the “ “.
    1. "P" if the book was read by the Parent for grades 1 and 2
    2. "S" if the book was read by the Student for all grades 1-8
    3. “S2” if the book is counted double on the list for grades 5-8
  6. At the end of the year simply print the worksheet (Print Setup should be Landscape).
  7. Sign the top page and turn in the hardcopy to the librarian by May 1st.