NILD Educational Therapy

Perimeter School recognizes that a child of average or above-average intelligence can still struggle with learning in the classroom due to auditory, visual, and spatial perceptual difficulties. To address this issue, we offer a program called NILD Educational Therapy. NILD students have one-on-one educational therapy sessions two times a week. Each session lasts 80 minutes and is outside the classroom setting. These sessions include a variety of techniques designed to stimulate the specific areas of perceptual weakness. The remainder of the student’s schedule is spent in the regular classroom; the therapist works with the classroom teachers to adjust the daily work load if needed. The therapist works with the teacher, student, and parents to create a support system for the child. The ultimate goal is to assist the student in a successful learning mode and to help him reach his full potential in the classroom.

Our school is a member of the National Institute of Learning Development (NILD). This is a Christian organization specializing in educational therapy programs, support, and training for teachers and parents. To find out more about the National Institute of Learning Development, please visit