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We are excited for the Mother Son Adventure coming up on September 28!

We can’t wait to see our Perimeter School moms and sons at one (or both) of the adventure sessions:

Adventure One - 12:45 - 3:30 PM
Snacks for Everyone - 3:00 PM
Adventure Two - 3:00 - 5:30 PM

Family Care

While we are joyful this is not yet our home, we embrace that in this world we will have suffering. The Family Care page exists to make it easy for the covenant family to stay aware of and read the most updated information on families in need of prayer and assistance.

Look at the ways to support others through Family Care.

SMT Info

The School Ministry Team, or SMT, consists of the head of school and principals of the school, along with nine parent couples who are given authority by the elders of Perimeter Church to serve its covenant families with vital leadership. This team sets policy for the governance of the school and provides direction for the future. 

These committees are charged with shepherding our covenant families, caring for our faculty, managing our resources, facilitating enrollment, and promoting a vibrant school life through social events, fundraising, and supplementary activities.

Church / Community

To be a valuable resource for families, we share numerous opportunities outside of our school. These include church events, rising ninth grade open houses, and local community events.

Look at other opportunities available to your family.


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partnering in shaping your children

JEREMY CASE - Head of School
BOBBY SCOTT - Headmaster Emeritus
REBECCA LITTLE - Lower Elementary Principal
CLINT FISHER - Upper Elementary Principal
DAVID GOODRICH - Middle School Principal
KAREN HENDERSON - Director of Advancement and Operations
LAURA POWERS - Director of Development
MATT MAYS - Director of Technology
JENNIFER WILMOT - Director of Admissions
KELLY WERNICK - School Manager
STACEY EARNEST - Financial Coordinator

To contact other faculty/staff, email them by using their first initial followed by their last name “@perimeter.org”.


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