financial aid

We never want finances to hinder someone from remaining in/becoming a part of our covenant family. If you believe your family is a good fit for Perimeter School but have financial concerns, please take the appropriate steps below and give our team the opportunity to offer aid.

Our families believe we serve a generous God, and we want to model that in our lives and our finances to EVERY family, despite income, circumstances, or any other barriers that may affect your ability to be where you belong.



Subject to availability of funds, the Georgia GOAL Scholarship may be an option for families who have a child:

  • entering kindergarten
  • entering pre-first
  • entering first
  • coming from public school or who has been homeschooled and registered with the state of Georgia for at least one year.

Families who fit one of these categories and who have an adjusted gross income of $90,000 or less could be eligible for aid based on income and family size.

To apply for this scholarship, download the Georgia Goal Scholarship Application.  Complete & sign the application, attach the indicated documents, and return the package to Stacey Earnest by February 28th, 2018.


current families

1. GOAL Scholarship

If your family is currently on the GOAL scholarship, you will need to renew your application each year during the re-enrollment period. Print the application and return it with the requested documents (including a copy of the previous year’s completed tax return) to Perimeter School.  

February 1st is the deadline for early scholarship application submission, which ensures that your application will be considered and you will know your award amount before the re-enrollment deadline. Regular deadline is February 28th. You must also complete the Grant and Aid section in FACTS.


2. Perimeter School Scholarship

Subject to availability, Perimeter School has a limited amount of funds for short-term purposes for current Perimeter School families in good standing. Covenant Fund scholarships are given for one school year or a portion of a school year and for a percentage of total tuition, up to 50%.

The School Ministry Team Finance committee administers financial aid requests based principally upon the following factors: 

  • Availability of funds
  • Financial need
  • Date of request

Financial aid is requested by filling out the Grant and Aid section in FACTS and submitting all requested supporting documentation.  Requests should be completed by February 28th for aid for the upcoming year. Contact Stacey Earnest (678-405-2365) for more information on receiving support through the Scholarship Fund.


3. facts

Perimeter School partners with FACTS to provide our parents a simple, readily available way to manage their school expenses.  Both tuition and most discretionary expenses are billed and paid through FACTS.  We are pleased to offer FACTS Payment Plans and Grant & Aid Financial Needs Assessment on the same platform. 

Preliminary assessments for online applications are available immediately upon submission. Final assessments are provided as soon as we have received the necessary documentation for an applicant. Please allow our standard, two-week processing time once all applicable tax documents have been submitted.

We are grateful that God miraculously opened the door for us to become part of the precious Perimeter School family.
— Perimeter School Family

Contact Stacey Earnest, Director of School Operations, at 678.405.2365 for more information.