when any of our family hurts, our whole family cares.

Family Care Opportunities

Support for the Stephens Family

To follow their journey and see medical updates, visit Kirk's CaringBridge.


Support for the Reynolds FAMILY

The Reynolds's daughter, Rebekah, has been diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. While the past few months have been difficult, they are still trying to balance Rebekah's care with four other children's daily needs. Providing a meal or grocery and restaurant gift cards would be a blessing to them.

Click here if you are able to bless them with a meal.

Calendar ID:  265616
Security Code:  1558

Support for the Nixon Family

Catherine Nixon has undergone surgery for a ruptured Achilles heel. She is a single mother of 3 children. Connor (6th) and Abby (5th) attend Perimeter and their older brother attends a special needs school in Roswell. She will not be able to bear weight on her right foot for six weeks. Please pray for this family. Due to the slowness of the healing process, the meal calendar has been extended.

Click here if you are able to bless them with a meal.

Calendar ID: 265249
Security code: 6245


Support for Mary Hubbard

Visit Mary Hubbard's CaringBridge site. To help with Mary's medical and other expenses, you may donate through Helping Hands Ministry.


Support for the Mellott Family

The Mellott family has an immediate need of hotel points to cover their upcoming stay in Rochester, MN while they are at the Mayo Clinic. If you have points you could donate, please contact Anita (770.715.9569). Please also pray for continued grace and strength for the Mellott family and that Anita will gain more functionality so that she can care for and participate in her family's life. If you feel led to help, please contact Laura Davis for needs.


Support for the Cargo Family

Bob and Margaret Anne Cargo's daughter is in need of your prayers. She is in Denver undergoing treatment for black mold exposure. The mold exposure has done some serious damage to her organs and endocrine system. She is unable to work at this time and is on a medical leave of absence. If you feel led to help, please visit her gofundme account.


Support the Keith Family

Many will remember former Perimeter School family Constance Keith and her daughter, Caroline. Constance has become the caretaker of Caroline’s 2 boys, and she is in need of children’s clothes, toys, food, etc. as this was a sudden development. The boys are four and two. A gofundme account for Constance was established by another former Perimeter student.

We are grateful that God miraculously opened the door for us to become part of the precious Perimeter School family.
— Perimeter School Family