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equipping Students for life beyond perimeter school

Perimeter School is a kindergarten through 8th grade covenant Christian educational community in north Atlanta that has been partnering with churched families for more than 30 years. Perimeter School is the result of Perimeter Church blending covenant community with excellent education. 

Our alumni are well prepared for the challenges they will face in life.



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who we are

Perimeter School is the result of Perimeter Church recognizing a need to raise children positioned for success in life. This goal not only demands exceptional academic teachings, but also a life-changing Christian experience.

Perimeter School calls families into a covenant community where we place an unprecedented emphasis on family involvement.

We are a collection of teachers, staff, children, families, and parents. Parents are the primary educators of their children, and thus, serve as the main three walls of their children’s well-being. Perimeter School adds the fourth wall of educational and spiritual support to families.


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Perimeter School exists to build and maintain a covenant Christian community that assists believing parents to educate, equip, and encourage their children to glorify and enjoy God. We strive to be a school where heart change and mind renewal are our highest values.


Perimeter School is a covenant Christian community, where students know they are loved, love to learn, and learn to serve.



FOUNDED - 1983
ENROLLMENT - 526 Students from 321 Families
SCHEDULE - Semesters with Varied Hours Dependent on Grade Level





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Perimeter School students study an array of subjects, including both inspirational and instructional subjects like Bible, physical education, the arts, math, history, science, literature, and nature study. 

All areas of focus at Perimeter are designed to encourage exploration and discovery beyond facts and figures. Our teachers recognize God as the creator of all things and intertwine scriptural truths in all subject matter.


proven and trusted:


Academia FAQs


A: Dubbed the “pioneer of sane education,” Charlotte Mason was a 19th century innovator who created a biblical and practical educational philosophy that reflects a comprehensive understanding of the nature of children. Because of her belief that children are persons to be nurtured and not products to be manipulated, the result of her principles and practices are students who love to learn and use their gifts to glorify God and enjoy His creation. Current research increasingly affirms Mason’s philosophy as vital to the deep and long-lasting education of 21st century children.

Other mentors who have influenced Perimeter School practices and ideas are Jay E. Adams, David Elkind, Donovan Graham, Paul Tripp, Tedd Tripp, Paul Miller, and Randy and Carol Pope.


A: Of course, we would be happy to share this year's curriculum. You will find our current curriculum here.


A: Enrichment Days are active learning experiences taught by teachers and/or parents that create awe and wonder in the hearts and minds of children. These creative programs, which take place in every grade level at Perimeter School, take place on campus or on field trips.

The active experiential nature of these days and the unique involvement of parents bring an enrichment to a student’s life that is long-lasting. Enrichment Days in grades one and two are led by parents only on Fridays throughout the school year.

Q: Can my child get a sufficient education if he or she is receiving 15 – 20 hours of academics in kindergarten through Second grade?

A: The brightest and best hours for the education of children are those prior to noon each day. The combination of these hours with very small class sizes and highly trained teachers yields students who are fully equipped and not weary of learning.

The extra benefit of afternoon time for free play and exploration produces higher executive function and healthy lifestyles for our children.

Q: Why the commitment to low student/teacher ratios?

A: One of the foundational distinctives of Perimeter School is the low student/teacher ratios. This is true for all classes, not only early elementary or classes with learning differences.

With an average of eight students in first grade classes and up to only 18 in middle school classes, our ratios are among the lowest in the Atlanta area. Our purpose in restricting class sizes is to create a discipleship model of individual holistic support and close personal relationships between students, parents, and teachers.

Q: What is the academic atmosphere of Perimeter School?

A: Although students receive an outstanding, well-rounded educational experience at Perimeter School, we strive to maintain an atmosphere of grace and redemption instead of performance and perfectionism. Though our academic standards are high, they do not define the essence of a child. Striving for a letter grade, a prize, or a perfect score can be an unstable platform upon which to build a student's worth and identity.

At Perimeter School, we seek to probe the heart and refresh the spirit of our students, valuing their achievement, but not labeling their personhood on that basis.


excelling in


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We love celebrating achievements outside of the classroom and watching students come alive by discovering their extracurricular interests.

On the field, Perimeter Eagles participate in middle school varsity and junior varsity sports throughout the year, including cross country, soccer, volleyball, basketball, track, golf, and tennis.


Your child can pursue his or her passion through:

  • Robotics

  • Drama

  • Music

  • Visual Arts

  • Service Club

  • And Other Opportunities


extracurricular FAQS

Q: In What level of athletics does perimeter school compete?

A: Athletic competition at Perimeter is focused primarily on the middle school (Grades 6-8). At present we compete against both private and public schools. Our success in all sports has been a trademark of the school, including the 2016 Georgia State Championship among all public and private schools in Girls Track and Field.

Our coaches are experienced in teaching biblical principles and life skills through competitive sports and emphasizing fun and teamwork with their students. At the elementary level (Grades 3-6), we also host an annual one day track and field meet against five other Christian schools.

Q: What opportunities in drama does Perimeter School offer?

A: For over 20 years, the drama program at Perimeter School has offered highly skilled and outstanding student performances of plays and musicals, normally two per school year. Typically, students in grades 4-8 are eligible to audition for roles in the productions, often held in the fully equipped and beautiful Perimeter Church auditorium. Students are also trained and totally involved in the entire technical and stage production.

In addition, individual grades often perform plays and drama sketches as a part of their curriculum in history, literature, science, and Bible. In grades 6-8, drama classes and electives emphasizing drama training are offered annually.

Q: Will my child have an opportunity to pursue his or her talents in CHORUS AND BAND?

A: Perimeter School provides 7th and 8th graders a co-ed chorus that receives training and performs at community events, chapel worship, and other special programs.

The Chorus is often accompanied by the school worship band, made up of middle school student musicians. Instruments may include drums, guitars, and keyboards.


A: One of the goals at Perimeter School is to help students pursue the gifts and interests that God has given them. While we encourage the development of these activities, our desire is to provide a balanced life for our families. Thus, we are selective with the time commitment and the intensity of our offerings.

In addition to Adventure (an afterschool program focused on play and creativity designed specifically for kindergarteners through third graders), Perimeter School offers drama and art classes on Fridays (class sizes are limited). Also, Perimeter Ballet (a ministry of Perimeter Church) offers weekly classes that take place in the building after Perimeter School dismisses at 12:10 PM.


built on





Perimeter School's beliefs are foundational to its operation and are espoused by all covenant family members as part of their commitment to the school.

All covenant families must be members in good standing of an evangelical, Bible-believing church.


expectations for covenant families include:

  • Pray Both Independently and With Other Covenant Families

  • Walk in Biblical Covenant

  • Teach Biblical Principles and Seek the One True God


Read Perimeter School's Entire Statement of Beliefs

1. We believe the Bible alone is God’s infallible and authoritative Word to man. It is the only standard by which faith and practice are to be measured.

2. We believe in the inspiration and inerrancy of the 66 books making up the entire Holy Scriptures.

3. We believe God is a triune God – the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

4. We believe in the majesty and sovereignty of God.

5. We believe that God spoke and purposefully created the universe out of nothing.

6. We believe that God created men in His image. Through their relationship to Adam, all men are sinners by nature and do themselves practice sin. They are thus alienated from God, their neighbor, and the world.

7. We believe that at the fall, this image of God in man was broken, resulting in man’s total depravity.

8. We believe in God’s gracious plan of redemption, as described in the Old and New Testament.

9. We believe that Jesus Christ is the only Savior of sinners, the only way to the Father. He died as a substitute for sinners and was resurrected to life so that they might be reconciled to God.

10. We believe that eternal life is a free gift that is received through faith alone in Jesus Christ. Eternal life is neither deserved by anyone, nor can it be earned or merited by the performance of good deeds.

11. We believe that God applies the salvation earned by Jesus Christ to man through the Holy Spirit.

12. We believe that persons not under the covenant of God’s saving grace are condemned to a literal place of eternal punishment and separation from God. God’s word reveals that there will be a final judgment of man, the consequences of which lead either to heaven or hell.

13. We believe that the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

14. We believe children of believing parent(s) are rightly called “covenant” children, thereby receiving special benefits from God exclusive of salvation.

15. We believe in the priority of the church and the necessity of local church membership by believers.

16. We believe that a representative form of government is the most biblical and practical way to operate a covenant school.

17. We believe we must show compassion and mercy to persons who choose non-biblical lifestyles and violate the sanctity of human life, while not embracing the choice.

18. We believe that the term "marriage" has only one meaning; the uniting of one biological man and one biological woman in a single, exclusive union, as delineated in Scripture (Gen 2:18-25). We believe that God intends sexual intimacy to occur only between a man and a woman who are married to each other (1 Cor 6:18; 7:2-5; Heb 13:4). We believe that God has commanded that no intimate sexual activity be engaged in outside of a marriage between a biological man and a biological woman.

19. We believe that in doctrinal issues there must be unity in the essentials (as defined by 1 - 18) and love in the non-essentials.


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Our primary purpose as a school is to educate, but our larger hope is to raise up a generation and a culture that reveres God, refreshes others, and redeems the world. Our hope is to see Perimeter School students living lives that glorify God, not striving to earn His favor.

With parents as the primary educators, Perimeter School steps in to support, nurture, and equip students for a lifetime.


Investigating Perimeter School Includes:

  • Experience Our Heart for Families
  • Discover Our School's Vision
  • Meet the Principals

general FAQs

Q: What Is A "Covenant Christian Community?"

A: This historical idea is based on the biblical mandate that all Christian parents recognize and act on their responsibility not just to teach their own children, but to serve all children of fellow believers. This fleshes itself out in parents serving in classrooms and praying for each other’s families.

It happens when families live life on life with other families supporting, loving, experiencing, and enjoying one another. It embraces the wholeness of God’s goodness in providing other families to link arms with in the raising of our children.

Q: Why Are Service Days Built into our Curriculum?

A: We believe that in serving others, we identify with Jesus. In going beyond our school walls three times a year, students and parents represent Christ to the least and the lost in our community. Beautiful relationships have developed over the years as our school continues to reach out and love in the name of Jesus.

Q: Who is a good fit for Perimeter School?

A: Perimeter School is ideal for Christian families who are looking for an exceptional education for their children as well as a community of like-minded parents and educators to help children grow in their faith. We are a group of imperfect and messy people at times, yet we work to build up each other. We are looking for contributors, not just consumers.