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Our heart for families

As you seek the right school for your child, we challenge you to consider how your school home may benefit your entire family.

The Perimeter School community is deeply connected by what we call "covenant," and in this family we completely lean on Jesus. We believe in having dreams for our children that exceed academic accomplishments. We believe in a partnership with parents that respects their role as primary educators. We believe in play, friendships, and growing as a family.

Yes, you may be attracted to Perimeter School for its small class sizes, academics, or distinct approach to equipping a child's mind and heart, but that is just the beginning.


LIFE Happens here. learning happens here. serving happens here.




Welcome! We are delighted you’re investigating Perimeter School’s unique approach to education. For 36 years we’ve been committed to the belief that the shared, covenantal roles of the home, school, and church together create an ideal atmosphere for nurturing children. I invite you to explore our programs and even get to know our people. You’ll see we’re more than just a school. We’re a covenant Christian community dedicated to an exceptional educational partnership built on enriching academics, intentional discipleship, and meaningful service.

We believe that together we can better educate, equip, and encourage our students to glorify and enjoy God. Perimeter School is a place for families to belong and grow together, endeavoring to inspire life-long learners and kingdom builders in a covenant community where families benefit from intentional involvement in the academic and spiritual maturing of their children and their classmates.

If Perimeter is the school family you’ve been searching for, we pray you’ll feel right at home!


Jeremy Case, Head of School  

Our staff & families are praying for you to have wisdom in making the right decision for your family.


Welcome home!  An unusual greeting, I admit, to those who are exploring our school for the first time. As you investigate all aspects of our school, its beliefs, its atmosphere, and its people, I believe that if it is right for you, you will feel at home. That’s the best way I can describe it.

Like a home, Perimeter houses a family. And though family life is imperfect and messy at times, there are things that make it feel right and safe and a good fit. In the best homes and the healthiest families, everyone has worth, is significant, and contributes to make it better. 

We work to build up each other and are looking for contributors, not consumers. So as a Christian family, please fully explore our program. Maybe we are the school home you are looking for. And if so, we will be a better home because you are here.


Bobby ScottHeadmaster Emeritus


QUICK FACTS About perimeter school:

Admission Process:
The Investigate Perimeter School event is the first step for all prospective families.

Tuition Cost: 
Costs range from $7,820 - $13,055 per year. (View all rates and discounts for 2019 - 2020.)

Financial Aid: 
Incoming families are invited to apply for the Georgia GOAL Scholarship.(Learn more about financial aid offered.)

Perimeter supplies a full menu of nourishing ideas, that allows for responses, feedback, and original thought from our students. (View the approved curriculum for 2019 - 2020.)

Perimeter School is a ministry of Perimeter Church, a protestant church in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) denomination. (View all of our Statement of Beliefs.)

Perimeter School recognizes each age needs an intentional emphasis on key elements to prepare them for success. Dive deeper into how Perimeter School values Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, and Middle School.

Perimeter School is built on a semester system, on-ramping Lower Elementary with half-days. We offer full-day options through Adventure (After-School Program) for kindergarten through third grade.
(Learn More on Lower Elementary / Upper Elementary / Middle School.)


Perimeter School is a covenant Christian community where students know they are loved, love to learn, and learn to serve.




explore Our three School divisions more. discover the depth perimeter school offers families.