Setting a Table of Grace

Recently I had two occasions to lead believing groups in receiving the bread and wine of the Lord's Table. Christians vary in how much importance they give to this sacrament, from viewing it as a mere remembrance to almost starving for its perceived necessity for eternal rest. Presbyterians are kind of in the middle... believing it is a means of receiving grace worth pursuing, but not desperate that salvation is increasingly assured by its reception.

Though seldom pursued, a "pre-game ritual," an examination and preparation of the heart prior to the Table, can yield a benefit in nurturing the soul -- especially if approached with humility. While we will not serve the Lord's Table at Chapel this Wednesday, there will be an offering of spiritual food, prayer, and worship that has the same potential grace to nurture the souls of all our covenant children. Perhaps a few or many will be drawn by the Spirit to surrender their heart and fully abide in Jesus for the first time. 

I encourage you, as parents and first-responders to your child's spiritual needs, to have a pre-game before Wednesday. Even if you are absolutely sure your child's heart is surrendered to Christ, this chapel could be a vital time for renewal. It could be the opportunity for your child to see his or her need for pruning and purging some unhealthy attitudes and habits that are causing anxiety and lack of gratitude. Or maybe your child's relationships need attention. We will talk about what it means to lay down your life for a friend and our call to love those who are unloved by everyone else. 

Perhaps you could begin a conversation with these questions: Why does the school have a chapel program? What do you want to get out of it? If you do not have the opportunity to begin a conversation around John 15, please at least pray for the Spirit to create a hunger in the soul of all our covenant kids to feast on the grace available during that hour. May it be more than just a memorable event, but a satisfying buffet where all are filled at the point of their greatest need.