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 Pictured: Clint Fisher, Upper Elementary School Principal - B.A. Communications, Minor in Religious Studies, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, M.Ed. Educational Leadership, Covenant College

Pictured: Clint Fisher, Upper Elementary School Principal - B.A. Communications, Minor in Religious Studies, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, M.Ed. Educational Leadership, Covenant College

These formative years are when children begin to choose the men and women they will become. It is a time when they internalize their values, form their character, and develop hearts and minds that are inspired toward worthy ends. It is for these reasons that we present a full and rich curriculum to our students.

Perimeter School upper elementary students build a foundation in writing that also instructs the mind on proper thinking and reasoning. Students learn faithfulness to details as they establish the fundamental process and procedures of math. They also begin to consider others before themselves as they march towards adolescence. 

We aim to provide an environment that allows the child to grow, choosing the adult God wants them to be and they would be proud to become.

Academic Focus

Inspiring A lifetime of impact

These years present countless moments to shape the character of a child. Perimeter School is deliberate in reinforcing strong habits, connecting truth to Christ, developing a sense of responsibility, and preparing life-long learners.

hands-on projects

Incorporating a multi-sensory and skill-driven approach to learning motivates children to develop meaningful projects, work collaboratively, and learn techniques of evaluation. 

maturing self educators

As children are encouraged to develop a sense of responsibility and embrace a larger world view, they begin to own their education and connect every need and failure to the power of the promises of Christ. 

commitment to play

Perimeter School values free play as a means of physical and relational development of core strength and executive function.


Discover how Perimeter School supports the learning differences of its students.

Parent Participation

Walking Hand And Hand

Daytime commitments are generally shared between mother and father, and both parents are expected to attend evening commitments.



  • 4-6 Daytime Commitments - including Enrichment Days, service projects, pizza helper and parent/teacher conferences
  • 7-8 Evening Commitments - including classroom prayer meetings, campus meetings, rising grade-level meetings, 5th grade trip meeting, and Star Night
Enrichment Days
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Enrichment Days allow parents to partner in transforming a variety of topics from simply educational to interactive opportunities to build relationships.

In all grade levels, parents and teachers work alongside each other in providing these exceptional learning moments. These activities happen on and off campus.

Enrichment Day activities can include field trips and classroom/grade level/school-wide activities.

School Hours


Kindergarten: 8:20 AM – 12:10 PM (Monday – Thursday or Monday – Friday, depending on selection)

Pre-first – Second Grade: 8:20 AM – 12:10 PM (Monday – Friday)

Third Grade: 8:20 AM – 3:10 PM (Tuesday – Thursday) and 8:20 AM – 12:10 PM (Monday and Friday)

Fourth - Fifth Grade: 8:20 AM – 3:10 PM (Monday – Friday)

Sixth - Eighth Grade: 8:20 AM – 3:10 PM (Monday – Friday)

Offering Flexibility For Families

Adventure (After School) Program – an optional, after-school program (Monday - Thursday from 12:10 PM to 3:10 PM) featuring developmentally-appropriate experiences that spark the imagination. Students may enroll in just one or up to all four days.

Children must be students at Perimeter School in kindergarten, pre-first, first, second, or third grades.

Additional Friday Offerings -

  • Art Classes - First, second, and third grade students are able to enroll in Friday art classes as a wonderful enrichment opportunity. Class size is limited and enrollment is open each semester.
  • Drama Classes - Beginning in pre-first grade students may enroll in Friday drama classes that teach young actors the basics of stage presence, how to participate as an audience member, performance techniques, and how to engage in a cast environment. Class size is limited and enrollment is open each semester.

In addition, Perimeter Ballet (a ministry of Perimeter church) offers weekly classes that take place in the building after Perimeter School dismisses at 12:10 PM.


Wonder What your child will study?

Over the past years, we’ve witnessed our son’s increasingly wholesome growth, enriched academic learning, and, above all, solid foundation in Christ.
— Wu Family

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