The Richness of Being Broken and Beautiful Together


Being in discipleshiP has pointed me to Christ and given me A new perspective.

By Caitlin goss, Perimeter School mom and PERIMETER CHURCH Women’s Discipleship Coordinator

If you were to ask me what my greatest challenge in life has been thus far, I would simply answer “parenthood.” Nothing else has shown me the depth of my insufficiency and the richness of His grace like parenthood. From sunrise to sunset, my hands and feet are in constant motion to meet the physical and emotional needs of my children. It’s laying down my will and desires to serve their little souls. This can feel overwhelming and daunting to me. Why? Because it’s not natural for me to want to lay down my life for someone else. I can’t do it in my own strength.

I want to live by faith, but too easily I believe lies that pull me away from trusting in Him. I believe that if I wasn’t overwhelmed with managing my household, I’d have more time to spend in the Word. I believe I deserve more uninterrupted time with people over the age of six. I believe that what I’m doing in my seemingly mundane daily routines isn’t amounting to much in the kingdom of God.  

However, it’s not my circumstances that need to change. It’s my perspective on these circumstances that needs new focus. As a follower of Christ, He enables me to put off my old self (those lies I believe) and be renewed in the spirit of my mind. His Spirit is working in me, molding me more into the likeness of His Son. I can delight and trust in Him, even when my circumstances don’t personally benefit me.

And I must say, no area has helped me practically “work out” my faith more than being involved in a discipleship group. 


THE BReAD of life

If I want to lose weight, I monitor what I eat or how often I exercise. If I want to save money, I establish a budget and stick to it. If I want to be spiritually healthy, I’m in God’s Word and in prayer regularly. Discipleship has provided a framework for me to do this consistently.

Jesus talked about being the Bread of Life, and “whoever comes to [Him] shall not hunger, and whoever believes in [Him] shall never thirst.” A few years ago, a well-meaning older mother told me that I just needed “little bites” of God’s Word along the way to get through these years. “You have so much on your plate right now,” she said. While I received her words with respect, I couldn’t help but think, “But I need so much more of Him now more than ever!”

Why settle for crumbs fallen from the table when I can feast from the Bread of Life?   

Can someone just know me?

Kelly Clarkson recently released a new single titled “Broken & Beautiful”. When I heard the song for the first time, one line caught my attention: “Oh, someone just know me, ‘cause underneath, I’m broken and it’s beautiful.” Isn’t that our deepest desire… to be fully known and fully loved? We are broken people, fully known and fully loved by our Savior Jesus. And in His kindness, He gives us other broken believers to help bear our burdens and celebrate our joys together. 

I can name every single person who has been in either my or my husband’s discipleship groups over the past several years and ways that each person has helped shaped who we are today. People have been vulnerable, even when it’s not always the comfortable choice. In a world that seems to increasingly embrace individualism, there is something refreshing and genuine about a person who says, “I can’t do this alone. This life is broken and hard. I need you.”   

Seeking Brokenness

When I’m exposed to my own brokenness and what Jesus did on the cross for me, I long for the lost world around me. Because of discipleship, I am more purposeful in how I engage with my lost friends and neighbors. The beauty in a gospel-centered outward focus (rather than a self-centered inward one) is that it brings life into my own personal walk with the Lord. Evangelism brings momentum to my faith. It excites me and reminds me of His great work on Calvary for my own sins. 

reflecting on my greatest challenge of parenthood, it was and is discipleship that points me to Christ and gives me the strength to face those circumstances with a whole new perspective. Discipleship has been life-giving to me and my children alike. Sometimes it takes a broken person surrounded by other broken people to understand that God wants to use our weaknesses to showcase His strength.

Jesus modeled discipleship for us and calls us into relationships with others. Perimeter Church offers discipleship groups for all ages and stages – men, women, and children. These groups enhance the depth of our covenant life here at Perimeter School, providing an even greater richness in “doing life” together. If you are interested in joining (or leading!) a group yourself, click here to fill out an interest form and here for more information. If you are interested in a group for your child, click here for grades K - 6, here for grades 7 - 8, and here for high school. Interest forms are available now, groups will be formed over the summer, and the ministry year will begin in the fall.

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