Will We "See You at the Pole"?

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It’s a chance to commit to see God do big things in and through our school.

By: Madeline Fansler and Ellie Shoemaker, PERIMETER School Eighth Grade Students

“See You at the Pole” is a student-led prayer rally, where students gather together before school to lift up their friends, families, teachers, school, and nation to God.

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In early 1990, a group of Texas teenagers were attending a DiscipleNow weekend when they were led to pray for their friends. They went to their school flagpole to lift up their school, their friends, and their teachers to the Lord.  

“See You at the Pole” was born out of the desire of these students, and the movement has grown and spread across world. God used the obedience of a small group of teens to start an international movement of prayer among young people. Today, more than two million students from all 50 states and more than 20 other countries participate in “See You at the Pole.”

At Perimeter School, we understand the value and power of prayer. “See You at the Pole” is a special opportunity for our eighth grade students to lead us in prayer for what God has put on their hearts for our school.

We asked two of our eighth grade students, Madeline Fansler and Ellie Shoemaker, to tell us more about the heart behind “See You at the Pole” at our school and beyond.

We are excited to see how God uses our student leaders during this time of prayer!

why do we “see you at the pole”

MADELINE: We have “See You at the Pole” because it is day set apart for our student body to come together to pray for our school, teachers, and friends! 

ELLIE: I think that we have “See You at the Pole” for connection. God says that when two or more gather in my name, He will answer.

what has “see you at the pole” meant to you?

MADELINE: For me, as an eighth grader, it means a lot to watch kids as young as kindergartners and up to eight graders come together to intentionally pray! 

I love looking out to see students, teachers and staff committed to lifting up Perimeter School. It’s a chance to commit to see God do big things in and through our school.

ELLIE: It is made for connection. With “See You at the Pole,” you get to meet your other brothers and sisters in Christ and pray together.

how will you carry that forward into high school?

MADELINE: As I prepare to go to Johns Creek High School next year, I am committing to pray for my school. I will be excited to join with other believers to pray for Johns Creek High School. This will mean a whole lot more since I know I’m leaving my safe, Christian environment, but it will be a great opportunity to meet others who are praying for the school. I know God can and will use my prayers and the many more students out there to help us bring the gospel to nonbelievers. 

ELLIE: I think “See You at the Pole” will be important in high school because you get to meet fellow believers and pray with them and for them.

All Perimeter School students, parents, and younger siblings are invited to "See You at the Pole" tomorrow, Wednesday, September 25 at 8:15 AM. We will gather in the gym for a prayer session led by our eighth grade leadership team. Will we “See You at the Pole”?