Living Out Our Mission Makes a Difference

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I pray we grow in our faith,love each other as a covenant family, and Build lasting Friendships.

By Clint Fisher, Upper Elementary principal

It is such a gift and privilege to be a part of a school like Perimeter School whose mission is to build and maintain a covenant Christian community that assists believing parents to educate, equip, and encourage their children to glorify and enjoy God. This past week, I witnessed members of our covenant community growing in faith, loving as a covenant family, and building lasting friendships – just a few of the many ways we are living out the mission of our school.


Growing in faith

The students in third, fourth, and fifth grades had chapel last week. Worshiping together is always a meaningful time. I was able to encourage our students to consider what it means to walk with God. God has uniquely designed each of us, and His expectations for us are higher than we can achieve on our own. God is working in us to achieve what He desires. Our response should not be striving for perfection or reckless indifference. We are called to rely on Him as a friend, a help, an encourager, and as our God and King.

What a joy it is to be at a school where we are able to share truth with one another!

Loving each other as a covenant family

I have the privilege to lead several Perimeter School dads in a discipleship group. It is a place where we laugh, struggle, ask for help, and grow together. We challenge each other to be better men without feeling condemned that we just need to try harder. Like any family, there is messiness in the struggle, but there is resolve and reliance on the Lord to journey through life together. This is real love, and we get to experience it side by side. Although each of us is broken, our relationships are real, authentic, and impactful for all eternity.

Building Lasting Friendships

Several Perimeter School dads and I had the opportunity to come together last week and serve the school by installing a new bench to honor a precious former student, Kylie Myers, who went to her heavenly home after a fierce battle with cancer. Our work was not profound; however, for those of us who were there that day, it provided the concrete foundation for greater devotion to one another. It is during times of work and laughter that fondness gives birth to solid friendships. As we worked alongside each other, we not only placed and secured the bench; we established deeper roots for our own relationships with one another. We sincerely hope that the Smiley for Kylie bench fosters joy and friendship in memory of Kylie for all those who enjoy it, extending what these friends and I built upon as we installed the bench.

These are just a few examples of the many ways our community is living out our mission. I pray that we will continue to grow in our faith, love each other as a covenant family, and build lasting friendships with one another AS WE LIVE OUT THE MISSION OF OUR SCHOOL.  


Perimeter School celebrated Kylie Day on Monday, February 25th, in honor of the legacy left by Kylie Myers. Click here to learn more about Kylie, and enjoy the pictures below from the celebration.