Proximity Matters: Why Events are the Lifeblood of Perimeter School


Each time we gather as a covenant community, it is an opportunity.

By Billy Boughey, Founder and President of Elevate Experiences

I have built my career on ideating, developing, and delivering world-class events. Contrary to popular belief, events are not simply the gathering of people in one place at one time. The best events turn into remarkable experiences when intentionally created and executed. 

I am the founder and president of the Atlanta-based organization, Elevate Experiences, where we strive to help people and organizations live and lead at a higher level. I am also husband to Jenn and the father of three wonderful children, and I am honored to be a part of the Perimeter School community. 

I want to share why I believe events are important and why our covenant philosophy of gathering together is not a “have-to-do” rule but an exciting “get-to-do" invitation.


Five Ways to View Gatherings as a Covenant Family

  • Mindset is good, but soulset is better. As followers of Christ, we are uniquely designed to go beyond simply having a better mindset when it comes to attending and participating in meaningful events. We are called to action for matters of the soul as we interweave our faith into our daily life. Stewarding our souls and examining our spiritual approach as we gather in fellowship is one of the most important things we can do.

    I have learned through my personal experience that how we view things is truly how we do things. It is important we seek clarity, love, and focus when we engage in or attend Perimeter School events. We should challenge ourselves to view each opportunity as a soul-growing moment versus a going-through-the-motions moment.

  • Be a joyful giver. Giving of time, gifts, and dollars have all proved to be incredibly pivotal in my faith journey, but our giving should go beyond our paper or plastic. We should also give of our focus and attention.

    Let your attention and intention be in the right place as you attend events in the life of our great school. Is life tough? Yes. Is every event the most convenient to attend? No. Can you pray that each event you attend will bear the most fruit for you and that you will be able give generously? Yes. Be a joyful giver of your attention (as well as your time, gifts, and dollars).

  • Put digital in its rightful place. Have you ever attended an event and allowed your iPhone to become the focus versus the people right in front of you? I am a big fan of screens and engage on social media platforms daily, but with that said, I challenge you to have a digital plan when you attend events.

    Make sure your spouse or those closest to you are comfortable with how much you use a device instead of being fully in the moment. If you take pictures, post, or have an important email or text to answer - do it, but make sure you do it intentionally.

  • Speak life to and about those that produce an event. I have seen unscripted failures and monumental successes in my 20 years in the events industry. Often, things do not go as planned, and speaking life, particularly towards people who planned the event, is so important. Make sure your words are always honoring, especially if you have a strong opinion about how it could have been done differently. Let’s be known as a community that assumes the best of others’ efforts and leverages our words to build others up in the process.

  • Be present. Life is short. You already know this universal truth, but, as a reminder, none of us get out of this situation alive. We only get one shot and one opportunity, and I challenge you to give the gift of your presence to those you engage with at every event.

    Each time we gather as a covenant community, it is an opportunity to grow, learn something new, break down a wall, and gain inspiration. I hope our covenant community, myself included, will continue to participate at an even higher level in our covenant family with time, talent, and treasure. 

    As we engage in worship, participate in fundraisers, pray for our community and much more, I hope we view every moment as a gift. May we see that our actions in this life will truly echo in eternity.


We are thrilled to have Billy as our emcee for the Perimeter School Auction - A Night to Soar on March 2nd. Follow Billy on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn where he shares wisdom, insight, and encouragement. Learn more about his company, Elevate Experiences.

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