The Impact of Perimeter School's Veterans Day Celebration

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the biggest thank you we can receive is to see children displaying Patriotism.

By John Porambo, Perimeter School Dad and U.S. Army Veteran

Almost eight years ago, Cheryl and I were exploring Christian schools. We were late to the game. We had missed all of the Investigating Perimeter School meetings for the year, so we came to the school to view a video of a recent IPS. We sat in a small office to watch the video. As I was looking around the room, I saw a framed article from a local newspaper about the school’s Veterans Day Celebration. I read it, and I recall being so impressed that Perimeter School hosted an event like this. It spoke volumes about the school. It really showed me that this school goes beyond Christian ideals and Charlotte Mason. Perimeter School teaches civics and citizenship. It is hard to put into words what this meant to me as a veteran.


During our first year at Perimeter School, I looked forward to attending the Veterans Day Celebration. I was nervous about squeezing in to my uniform, so I think I wore a sport coat. I can tell you, it was an amazing event to attend. This was not because there was a great speaker (though the Veterans Day Celebration committee has always found incredible speakers), and it was not because of the accolades or the VIP treatment given to us as veterans (though it is highly appreciated). The biggest piece I loved about this day was seeing the next generation understand what it means to be a citizen of our country.

These students showed that they understood through the effort they put into their essays and posters. They showed that they understood when they walked up to veterans and shook their hands without an adult prompting them to do so. They showed that they understood when they listened intently to veterans tell their stories at the reception.

For those of you who have served, you know that this is something truly special. Sharing his or her story is an emotional experience for a veteran. For many, sharing their stories at the Veterans Day Celebration reception is the first time they have ever shared their pieces of history. Being heard, honored, and respected means so much to every veteran, and experiences like this tend to recharge a veteran’s spirit.


I can safely say the biggest thank you we can receive is to see children display the patriotism and love for our country that we as veterans hold so dearly. Knowing that the sacrifices we made have not been in vain as the next is a generation is being raised up gives us hope.

This event impacts all who attend. Everyone I have met at Perimeter School’s Veterans Day Celebration is so glad to have accepted the invitation. Take the time to invite a veteran: your neighbor, your friend, your relative, a stranger. Trust me, it will make a difference.

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