Why We Offer Electives

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We are committed to equipping students to follow God’s call in their lives.

By Clint Fisher, Upper Elementary Principal And Film and Videography Elective Teacher

At Perimeter School, we strive to offer programs that enhance and expand the education of our covenant children. Over the years, we have developed a lineup of electives for our middle school students ranging from the arts (drama, art, band, and chorus) to athletics to leadership (outdoor leadership). Two years ago, we extended our reach into the engineering world by offering robotics, giving our students hands-on opportunities to build and operate robotic tools.


An Exciting New Elective

This year, we are rolling out the next development - a film and videography elective. The number of methods of communication that now rely on video is astonishing. We want to develop the next generation of leaders who will not only know how to record a video and post it online, but who will also understand that everything, from marketing to reporting, is an opportunity to tell a story. We are striving to train students to tell stories of what God is doing in the culture, in the lives of others, or even in their own lives.

Students in the film and videography elective will learn how to direct, record, act in, edit, and market their own videos. They will learn about the film industry, videography for marketing, video story telling for documentaries, and much more. By the end of the class, they will take part in filming sessions and will help produce three marketing videos for a local ministry. 

To support our goal of creating video storytellers, Perimeter School has invested in a set of tools ranging from consumer level equipment to professional level cameras, lighting sets, and sound equipment that could be seen in recording studios around the country. We also have professional level video editing computers and software that tie it all together.


Why We offer Electives

So, why do we continue to develop and deliver electives here at Perimeter School?

Our school is committed to exposing students to the experiences, skills, and tools that will equip them to be able to follow God’s call in their lives and live out their passion for Him.

We want to equip students beyond simple exposure. Rather than simply striving to climb a ladder of success and fame, Perimeter School desires our students to build their gifts and skills to influence culture in redemptive ways for God’s glory and the joy of every person they encounter.